“GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT” is usually an expression associated with computers, which means that if the data input is ‘garbage’ then the data output will be 'garbage'.

Human beings are wired much like highly complex and sophisticated computers and thus the expression GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT applies to us and our children as well.

The minds of our children are being saturated with the input of a tidal wave of garbage coming from all directions:

Our kids listen to garbage musical lyrics calling for violence, abuse of women, getting drunk or stoned or other negatives.

Our children go to public taxpayer supported schools where they are forced to watch commercials for junk food and other garbage.

The future leaders of America and the "Free World?” listen to our nation’s leaders extol the ‘emergency’ necessity of destroying freedom to allegedly preserve freedom.

Our offspring go to churches or listen to bible-thumping televangelists who refute the laws of science created by God and negate the values of Creation.

Our innocent ones watch television and movies in which violence, rape, pillage, war, dishonesty, lack of ethics, and chaos appear romantic.

Our babies, from the cradle, are encouraged to lust after material goods made from the blood of the Earth.

I could go on and on, citing hundreds of examples of how the young absorbent minds of our nation’s youth are being saturated with garbage.

Is it any wonder then that we hear garbage coming from their expletives?

Is it any wonder that they have no concept of esthetics or even what the term “America the Beautiful” once meant?

Is it any wonder that they have no concept of what is happening to the very life-support systems of Planet Eden, without which they and their children and children’s children will suffer and die?

Is it any wonder that only a few can even define the word ‘ethics’ and an even smaller number practice ethics in their everyday lives?

When our educational system, our corporations, our elected leaders and even our spiritual leaders, fill the minds of our children with garbage then we should expect that many of them will become this generation’s producers of more and more garbage with which to pollute America and with which to saturate the minds of the next generation?



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